MAJ (Ret) James Joseph Pollock

August 16, 1936 - April 18, 2020
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Wednesday 4/22, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

MAJ (Ret) James Joseph Pollock, 83 of Ellerslie, GA, died Saturday April 18, 2020 at the Columbus Hospice House. A private service with full military honors will be held, at a later date, at Ft. Mitchell National Cemetery, according to Vance Brooks Funeral Home, 4048 Macon Road Columbus, GA. Major Pollock was born August 16,Continue Reading

Christiane McClellan left a message on April 18, 2022:
In memory of MAJ (Ret) James Joseph Pollock, Christiane McClellan lit a candle
[email protected] left a message on June 21, 2020:
Honey, Happy Father's Day tomorrow to the most wonderful father! Tomorrow you will be celebrating your special day in Heaven with Our Father there. You will have golden socks there for your father's day gift...but, I wanted to tell you that I love you so much and miss you with all my heart...and, I want to thank you for being the very best husband,В  father, grandfather and great-grandfather! You were sent to us and gave all of us your unfailing and undying love! How precious the memories are...especially our love for each other, and for our family. You told me several times right before you went to Heaven that I was the best wife any man could ever want...remember what I said back to you? I said, "Thank you,В  honey, and YOU are the best husband any woman could ever even dream of"! As I sit here tonight in our bedroom and think about tomorrow being Father's Day, i wonder if some of our children wish they could visit you...sit and talk to you...see your beautiful smile...your beautiful eyes...hold your hand...wonder if they wish they had visited more...they can talk to you, but not here anymore...only in spirit...No more chances for a Father's Day live visit wanted so much for them to come asked EVERY time the girls visited about their couldn't help had to ask. You knew they didn't have answers,В  but you had to ask because you longed for the answers. Honey, you don't have to long are with Jesus and our Father who makes all things perfect. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY,В  Honey! It will be the BEST Father's Day you've ever had! I'll think of you all I do every day!
Christi Pollock McClellan left a message on June 16, 2020:
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Christiane Pollock McClellan left a message on June 16, 2020:
A candle was lit by Christiane Pollock McClellan on 2020/06/16
Christiane Pollock McClellan left a message on June 13, 2020:
A candle was lit by Christiane Pollock McClellan on 2020/06/13
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[email protected] left a message on June 10, 2020:
Honey, I miss you so much! I know you are still here with me, because I feel your precious spirit as if you were sitting in your chair across from I know you're sitting with Jesus and Nikki and Kyle and Barb and's very quiet here...too quiet without you, but very peaceful. Thank you for asking our Father in Heaven to send that peace. I Love you!
[email protected] left a message on May 31, 2020:
Christi,В  Fort Mitchell National cemetery is closed! How did you get that picture of his marker?!
Christiane Pollock McClellan left a message on May 26, 2020:
A candle was lit by Christiane Pollock McClellan on 2020/05/26
[email protected] left a message on May 21, 2020:
Honey, it's almost midnight, but I have been sitting here in our bedroom looking at pictures of you in your junior year at Canton South High School...when you were in the band and in the chorus and in the medley singing group...we had looked at them together before, but I looked again tonight...I love you and I miss you so much! I always will until we see each other again in Heaven...good night,В  my precious husband.
[email protected] left a message on May 13, 2020:
We all love you and miss you so much! But, your sweet spirit still dwells within us...I sit and almost expect you to come and sit with me...the house has your presence in loved our home so much...on Mother's Day, I felt your gifts...the precious memories of our lives together, us playing the piano, singing, talking, just loving being together...every moment of every day for 29 years! I love you so much!
Christi Pollock McClellan left a message on May 13, 2020:
A candle was lit by Christi Pollock McClellan on 2020/05/13
[email protected] left a message on May 10, 2020:
A candle was lit by [email protected] on 2020/05/10
Christi Pollock McClellan left a message on April 30, 2020:
All ofВ MYВ memories of my father willВ never leave myВ bones like salt in the sea; they become part of you and you carry them. The past can only be accepted, it can't be forgotten, edited or erased and it can never be changed.В 
[email protected] left a message on April 27, 2020:
You shared the baby pictures, but where are the pictures of the last 29 years of you four? If there had been visits, there would have been lots of recent (within 29 years) pictures to share...but pictures can't be taken if you are not there.
[email protected] left a message on April 23, 2020:
Thank you.
[email protected] left a message on April 23, 2020:
Thank you...we love you and Frank and all . Thank you for the Spoonful of Comfort gift! Such delicious soups, rolls and cookies! How very comforting they were!
Matthew Willoughby left a message on April 23, 2020:
It is clear that in this little post we will not be able to share all of the memories or all the times Poppa Jim touched our hearts. Every time we would get a chance to see Poppa Jim he would always take the time to talk to everyone and shake their hand. He would always ask me how work was going and school. He always cared and always engaged the conversation. He did not know it at the time, but I always felt disappointed while I was in college because it took me a while to get my degree. Poppa Jim would ask me about school and work and he would mention how he had to take night classes to graduate high school and how he later got his bachelors and even his masters degrees later in life. He was letting me know that real success is marked by perseverance and determination, the only deadline that matters is to never quit. He was proud of me when I wasn't sure if I was proud of myself.В 

One early memory I have of Poppa Jim was many years ago when I was in elementary school. Often times Nanna and Poppa Jim would come visit us at home while we were doing school work (these were the beloved 'home school days' at the Willoughby house.) I was interested in the military and would get books from the library about the military and the Vietnam war. I would use this to talk to Poppa Jim about his time in the military and his time in Vietnam. We had many good talks and I still remember the things he told me about Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. One day in particular, I was working on an assignment and Poppa Jim had a notebook with him with some of his notes on it. He had some of the neatest hand writing I had ever seen. I think it was because he wrote in all caps. In contrast, my hand writing was terrible, and still is pretty bad. I started writing my assignments that day in all caps. Turns out, it made my writing more legible. Nanna noticed how my hand writing looked like Poppa Jim's and said, "Look Poppa, his hand writing looks just like yours!" Nanna and Poppa were both excited to see it and make that connection. I didn't tell them then, but I was not writing in my normal hand writing, I was only copying Poppa Jim. I was copying Poppa Jim because he was my hero, and I wanted to be just like him. From a child and into adulthood, I have watched Poppa Jim give his attention and respect to those around him. He makes you aspire to be better than you are, and he will always be in my eyes a man of honor and my hero.
Donna left a message on April 22, 2020:
This man walked in integrity and honesty every day of his life on this earth,В  and he wanted peace more than anything else. He was unselfish and he was funny and he was stronger than any other man I've ever known in my ife. He had personal integrity. He forgave easily and often. He was a HERO in every sense of the word. I am so grateful for the privilege of calling him my father. Thank You, Lord, for James Joseph Pollock.
[email protected] left a message on April 22, 2020:
Goodnight, Honey...I love you always...I wish you were physically here, but I feel your precious spirit here with us...again, good night honey. Rest with Jesus.
Debby Wright left a message on April 22, 2020:
[email protected]В 
From: Debby, Your adopted daughter

My most special memories will forever be of whenever in the presence of Papa Jim, I felt his kindred spirit ands respect and love for everyone. He is so special to so many.В 
Papa cherished his beloved wife/soulmate, Nana and his family. A true testament of his heart.В 
From the day I first found out that Papa Jim and I shared this in common, I have a flash/thought of him doing the exact same thing and now each and every morning as I pull open curtains and blinds, I will be saying, "Good morning, I love you."
His Spirit will always be present and especially in Nana's everyday.В 
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Donna left a message on April 22, 2020:
We salute you one last time, Major Pollock. You served your country and your family well, sir. We honor you. We love you.
[email protected] left a message on April 22, 2020:
He loved that hymn so much,В  Sandy...thank you.
Donna left a message on April 22, 2020:
Polly Buckner and Christi McClellan are listed.
Donna left a message on April 22, 2020:
Mama, you can rest in the sure knowledge that no woman could have ever loved a man any more than you loved your Major, our Papa Jim. You were entirely dedicated to him, totally committed to him. He loved you so much and he told us so many times that you were the best wife any man could ever have. He knew you loved him. With every doctor's appointment, you were there. You kept him from having to get a feeding tube with the last round of radiation, something the dietician said she had never seen anyone (except herself with her own dad) do because you made sure you kept his weight up with the Ensure and the heavy cream and the diligence in making sure he was nourished even when he didn't feel like eating. You were with him in every hospital room, you loved him more than life itself and he knew that, Mama, and so did everyone else. You were a faithful good extraordinary wife and he loved you so much!
Donna left a message on April 22, 2020:
Well, Papa, you did it your way! You left this world with the same grace, strength and peace with which you faced every day. When you were physically weak from chemo, you kept going. You smiled through it all. Nothing could get, or keep, you down! You pushed forward. The doctors admired you, the nurses loved you, and we all were so very, very PROUD of you. You gave this life everything you had. You did it with such courage and boldness. And humor! "Humor is authorized," you always reminded us. We loved you every day that we got to have you in our lives and we were grateful for you. We admired and respected you and tried our best to show you HONOR and RESPECT because you deserved it. Papa, thank you for being there in every way a father can be. Thank you for loving our mother, for loving me and my sisters, for loving our children and grandchildren. You were the BEST. You were the best husband, the best father, the best grandfather and the best great-grandfather. You were kind, you were patient, you were strong. I love you so much and I will see you again someday in heaven. I love you more than words can say, and I SALUTE YOU, MAJOR POLLOCK. I love you, Papa Jim.В 
Sandy left a message on April 21, 2020:
I'm drinking coffee out of our "comfort cup". It is the cup we use when we are having a hard time. It has a "J" on it and it is the cup drank your coffee from.В 
How do I write in a little box a tribute worthy of you, Papa?
When I seek my heart for a memory, so many things flood my heart.В 
The way you greeted me. "Hi, Sandy! How are you?" I don't recall one time of seeing you without hearing that.В 
The way you laughed when something was really funny to you.В 
The way you thanked me for a meal as if it was the most amazing thing.В 
I will miss you at my table every day from now on.В 
I miss you sitting in the rocking chair by the fire.В 
I miss you ushering Nana from the car to the house and back.
I would be a millionaire right now had I taken your amazing advice 29 years ago.В 
I miss your wisdom, your questions, your faithful walk and your better than any of us deserved love.В 
As much as all the big and beautiful things I will miss ...В 
I will miss you walking outside every time I left the drive way, guiding me out with your hand movements and verbal directions.В 
I miss and will always miss... YOU.В 
When it feels so hard to move ahead and go on without you, we can push forward with your valiant example. You taught us and loved us and your legend will lead us the rest of the way. Carry on, Papa and we will see you standing tall В  with our Savior when we meet you again.В
Sandy left a message on April 21, 2020:
I had to add on to my original tribute, Papa! Two favorite memories are of you and me at my table, singing hymns together! Are you singing better than ever now? Band music was such a passion here and I wonder what it looks like there.В 
I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to You, O LORD, I will make music. Psalm 101:1
Sandy left a message on April 21, 2020:
That was another favorite, favorite thing... him asking that. How I miss hearing that!В 
Savannah Bruce left a message on April 21, 2020:
I remember wanting a kitten for so long. My mom agreed to finally let me get one... but when I got home (we lived with Nana and Papa at the time) Papa brought Poncho my sweet kitten out and let me hold him! He was so sweet about it even though they vowed to never have any pets. Papa helped me get everything ready for him so he could finally be a part of my family! I’ll never forget, I was the first grandchild to ever have a pet in that home! Papa knew how important it was to me, and that was one of my favorite memories in that house. My sweet Papa got me a kitten! ❤️
Sherry and crew left a message on April 21, 2020:
So many beautiful memories of sweet Papa ! Papa and Nana drove through horrible storms from Ga to Ohio and back to get me home. All the babies adoring their Papa and he always held them first. His heart of abounding kindness, forgivemess , love and support for all of us. Never leaving Nana's side nor did Nana leave his side. I look around at this house and the hurt becomes so harsh when I realize we can't get him an ensure or his little calculator he asks for everyday to "check on things" . It's not the things anyone did it's the things we aren't able to do anymore bc he is gone. But his love and his presence is very much in this house and our hearts. Great man Greatly missed. I know my sweet son Kyle is so happy to see his Papa and our Nikki as well. He will take care of them and they will take care of him now.В В 
[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
We love you Papa! We will miss you so much! Amber, Kinley, Cody, Ryan and Avery!
[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
We love you Papa! We will miss you so much and we will always miss you! You will not be forgotten!В 
Sherry and crew left a message on April 21, 2020:
Our precious Papa !В 
[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
Yes, we salute you, Major Pollock! We all love you so much!
[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
He would always say after you had served one of your wonderful meals, "What time do you want us back tomorrow"?В  Remember?
[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
Brandon, thank you!
[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
Remember, "Savannah Brooke Owen's IS my name" as he sang to you as a baby...
[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
He is still with us...feel his sweet presence Sherry?
[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
Thank you! We love you all!
Brandon left a message on April 21, 2020:
Papa Jim, we all love and will miss you so much. You are the most honorable man I’ve ever known. You’ve exemplified the ability to love others and extenuate grace and compassion, even when it isn’t deserved. You’ve taught me how to take responsibility and ownership of every decision, and to appreciate what truly matters. My two fondest memories was our trip to Parris Island 15 years ago to watch my friend graduate boot camp from the marine corps and when you swore me in to the US army. On the trip to South Carolina you were as young and clever, alert and aware, and intuitive as you had ever been. You shared stories of your military service and where you had been (something you’ve always enjoyed), as you guided me in the decisions that would pave my Future in the military. You never faltered or needed a rest. We drove straight there from Georgia and straight back, and you offered to drive repeatedly. As always , you were cautious and concerned and rigidly scheduled, never missing a beat on when we would cross the state line or need to stop for gas. I always have and always will remember how thoughtful and concerned you always were for those around you, and how you never shied away from owning a mistake and thanking God for blessing you with a huge family of children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren to live and be loved by. In Montgomery Alabama when you swore me in, as we came through the gate , you beaned with pride as the gate guards viewed your I.D, gave you a salute , and welcomed you onto the base. When we were reviewing the paperwork, you made sure to ensure that airborne school was in the paperwork, something you had reviewed with me and I told you I wanted. It wasn’t. They told you they would later put it in and your were calm and firm. “No, you’ll do it now son, or we can leave and find another recruiter that can.” No sir Major Pollock, , we will fix it now.... and They did. You walked with pride and class and everyone in the room could see he astute leadership and and strict rhetoric that led you through a military career in both the army and marine corps. As you swore me in, tears cane to your eyes and then mine. It was a moment That stood still in time. It was a moment that encapsulates everything everything you were papa. You had honor and pride, but you stood there watching a boy become a man, as you once had. You stood there with your grandson, young and eager, ready to take a stand in a time of war that you had once taken. You stood there, fully in faith that God would protect me and that the military would train me to go, and come back. You stood there in that moment, knowing that if I didn’t come back, it would still be worth it, as it once was for you. We stood there as equals as you eventually told me, separated only by by the 51 years between us and the world that had changed around us. As I uttered the final words, “so help me God”, I stood beaming up at a man that vilified the army values selfless, loyalty, honor, duty, respect,integrity, and personal courage. Though you seemed us equals I knew I was merely a molehill beside a mountain of a man. In all your grace and love Papa, you always were to me and will forever be Papa Jim, the legendary status of a man.
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[email protected] left a message on April 21, 2020:
They requested no communication from their father for many years, even telling him that he was not, atВ  HIS request,В  they were not listed.
Melissa left a message on April 21, 2020:
Our deepest sympathies for your loss. We'll miss Uncle Jim. Melissa and Frank
Lisa Hamilton left a message on April 21, 2020:
Correction due to typo: My Uncle Joe had Four children of his own blood. Two of them Joseph Pollock and James Pollock are two of them that were not mentioned in his obituary and should have been. He also has Pollyanne Pollock Buckner and Christians Pollock McClellan. By: Lisa Nowling Hamilton
Lisa Hamilton left a message on April 21, 2020:
My Uncle Joe, has two other children that were of his boos: Joseph Pollock and James Pollock. They should not have been left off of his memorial! Lisa Nowling Hamilton
Donna Surgenor left a message on April 21, 2020:
Papa Jim was our father, friend and mentor. He was a man of integrity, peace and honor. He was also fun! “Humor is authorized!” Was one of his favorite things to say. We will love and miss you forever, Papa, and you will forever live in our hearts. We salute you, Major!
Cindy Tedore left a message on April 21, 2020:
RIP. Mr. James PollockВ 
Christi Mclellan left a message on April 21, 2020:
My dad loved "Friday night Frights"..The Werewolf and The Mummy. When I was a little girl, ..he would put shaving cream on his face and jelly and come in and scare us..... This wall isn't big enough to say everything so I will just say I Love you to my DAD....
Charlotte Pollock left a message on April 21, 2020:
My husband,В  Major (AUS, Ret.) James Joseph Pollock...29 wonderful years with a man who loved me with all his heart...who loved our children with all his heart...Yes, he had that much love in his heart for us all.В  He told me often that our love saved him.В  He loved the hymn "Love Lifted Me ". He is now resting without pain with 2 of our grandchildren, Nikki and Kyle in Heaven.В
Brandon left a message on April 21, 2020:
Proofreading is important:

From the previous post by me....

Grandchildren to love and be loved by*

Beamed with pride** and welcomed you by addressing you as Major Pollock*****

The astute leadership*
Separated by 51 years ***
Epitomized (not vilified)🤦🏼‍♂️***
Though you deemed us equals********

It would have been nice to be able to edit
Vance Brooks left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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